Ivy is tremendously talented in all aspects of creative work. She possesses that truly unique combination of copywriting, design, concept development and good sense. It’s all too common to find someone who can write, but not design; who can design, but not conceive the creative message behind it, etc. She has the ability to delve into the underlying need/message/request/goal of a creative campaign and bring it to life, perfectly merging form and function in concepts, design and messaging that consistently exceed every expectation.
— Melody Foster, V.P. of Marketing and Web Development at Zephyr Real Estate
Ivy McNally is everything you want in a marketing consultant. This soft spoken genius has factory of concepts, inside her head and each one is better than the one before. She gets it. She understands audiences, she understands branding and she understands image ads & impressionable messaging. Give her an inch of ideas and she’ll take you a creative mile!
— Sandra Luna, REALTOR®
I talked to other designers along with Ivy and hands down Ivy brought the best vision and creativity to my project; she was undoubtedly the best person for the job from beginning to end. Her design awesomeness and my business ideas are definitely partners for life - thanks, Ivy!
— Carlie Carey, Restauranteur
Ivy created the graphic elements for a tour of mine, and I found her to be quick, creative, professional & great at taking notes. She took my initial concepts & added onto them in all the right ways - would highly recommend using Ivy for all of your upcoming needs!
— Brandie Posey, Comedian (Lady to Lady Podcast)
I have had several projects done by Ivy over the years. Not only is she very creative and fun, but she works quickly to get me what I need when I need it. I would highly recommend her!
— Laura Mowrer
Ivy has helped me with several projects and even acted as my marketing development manager. She has a wealth of knowledge who can offer assistance in all aspects of brand management including everything from the branding concept stage to copywriting, graphic design and website building/management. Ivy is incredibly knowledgeable about trends and always seeks opportunities for continued education. Her decision making process is based on her vast knowledge of consumers, rather than gut instinct, so she is always happy to discuss the reasons for her design to the smallest detail and share her deep understanding of the industry. Her professionalism is unparalleled.

Ivy is essential to the success of my business and always makes herself available for projects. She provides realistic deadlines and fulfills her commitments on time. If you are looking for an all around marketing and branding genius with the ability to fulfill your shared vision, Ivy is your woman.
— Breanne Kiefner, Travel Sales Specialist


If you need a writer who can design, or a designer who can write, look no further.

Ivy McNally, a Senior Graphic Designer at UCLA, provides both design and copywriting assets, delivered with an emphasis on efficiency. Previously, she worked for more than a decade as the in-house creative for San Francisco’s largest independent real estate brokerage. Other clients include personal trainers, comedians and app developers, an award-winning Delaware restaurant and the lauded Seattle theater company, The Williams Project.

She is uniquely suited to work seamlessly with spectacularly varied personalities, jovially ushering a project from idea to execution. Past journalism experience helps her clear the cobwebs and zero in on the hidden crux of a client’s message. She then brings that essential idea to life with an austere design aesthetic infused with her natural wit.

In a professional setting, Ivy excels at organizing individual needs and communication between multiple parties to achieve a cohesive goal. While comfortable leading a project from start to finish, she also gains satisfaction from playing her role to reach the team’s objective. She works to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, ensuring both her client and the vendor’s ease of mind.